Easy Homemade Tomato Sauce!

Cut up washed tomatoes, either Roma or San Marzano, into small chunks and put into a coliander. Let access water drain from tomato – not all of it. Put tomatoes in a pot over the stove top, add salt according to your preference. Put on high-med, until they boil. Once they boil, reduce heat to simmer and lighltly boil for 45 mins. Have your jars and lids ready to go. Once the 45 mins are up, carefully put hot sauce in jars, add a basil leaf on top and put lid on, turn jar upside down. Keep jar covered once filled in dry dish cloths or blanket (this is so they don’t break). Do this until all jars are filled or no more sauce in pot. Keep jars covered for 24 hours, upside down. Put in pantry for home made sauce this winter 🙂